Thursday, 17 July 2008

An Answer to "what's up dude?" question...

This weekend has been quite busy for us -surprisingly!- starting by heatin up with Saturday fever by 80s. We met Zeynep, Nilay -my future models- and Ekin & her bf @ Balans early in the evening and had couple of beers there while listening to gorgeous 80s songs.

Zeynep / Ekin / Nilay + Ekin's bf (and yeah i'm a jerk, i don't remember his name :S )

Then we flew to a place called "Mono" inside which there was no customers =) Still, nice tunes existed ^^ That was enough for us so we got in =) Before orderin our beers we -ladies- needed to visit the restroom (so bad!) and that's when my first photography collection spawned ^^

My website is no longer available but i'll figure it out soon.

My fav ^^

[Thanx a zillion to my beautiful models Zeynep & Nilay .]

After this shoot we surrendered ourselves to alcohol and music... Here's the proof :

After "Jumping Around" enough, we decided to go home and pass out asap =) Yes we're gettin old and we don't pass out in streets anymore !!! we go home instead !!! ;)

My nephew Berk joined us that night as well. ( YES I'M AN AUNTIE !!! DUH ?! )

I still can't believe how I managed to describe our address to the cab driver as i was so f*ckin drunk but hell with it we were home within 15 mins =)

On the way while passing the Bosphorus Bridge.

Back @ home, my precious Moumouque was waitin, lookin for some action =)

And the night was officially over ^^


Deniz +1 = Onur

Then on Monday we had some lovely visitors from Ankara who actually came to Istanbul for Massive Attack concert =)

Onur & Deniz

We all met outside to chat a little and drink a bit @ Kadıköy.

They were tired and so were we.. so we went home and men started to work a little on the website that Akın created for the new-born company of Onur & Deniz which is called "Craft312" (awesome title). Here's the link for those who hasn't seen the brilliant website yet:

While men were workin ladies occupied the livin room for some shooting ^^ Even though i was very unsuccessful at Deniz's wishes, for my part, i captured some nice portraits of her :)


Well guys, that's all for now i suppose...

I'm planing to continue on the "lavatories" series with more photos and stuff... i got some cool ideas for it.. Need more models ofc so if u wanna experience such a thing don't hesitate to contact me...

Oh btw, for those who wonders why the hell i am writing this post in English, I just wanted some of my foreign friends enjoy this shit besides just lookin at the photos :D Once Stefie aka alfie boy told me that all he sees is the pictures, the rest is just egyptian to him =) So here's one for u dude :P

Stay in peace.


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