Thursday, 25 September 2008

Moumouque Agenda....

This little monster might look like a cutie but i'm tellin ya, he's acting like a gremlin at night :/

His latest issues:

* somehow managing to zip down the cover of my wedding dress and sit inside.

* trying to bite our feet during our sleep ( ouch!! that really hurts ! )

* tearing off the other living beings in the house such as plants.
* trying to cover up his meal so that nobody else (!) touches it which results in spilling out and which simply makes me go insane.

A bit of an old photo in which he's still a baby ^^ At the background we see a familiar face.. guess who ? :D

What the?????!!!! :D
Well.... beyond all.... I know no matter what he does he's forgiven with one little purrrrrrrrr....... :D

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denizero said...

__yerim ben onuuuu ... büyümüş bayaa bi... ama surat aynı ifadede :))__